DL Salon


Endur­ing growth and change

is what drives our salon's continual evo­lu­tion. As such, we are always seeking out new additions to our team.


We only hire nice people.

Current available positions:

Those applying should have two years of experience as well as a sincere interest in being a part of a team. Applying in person is strongly recommended. Resumes may be sent to info@mydlsalon.com.

Compensation for stylists is commission-based and competitive in the industry. Benefits include but are not limited to:

New stylists are paired with veteran stylists as assistants in order to enhance their education and skill. In this part-time role, new stylists have the opportunity to develop their own clientele, and their progression to independence falls in line with their performance.

Our environment is professional, but relaxed. Comfort as well as personal and artistic expression is encouraged. At dL salon, be prepared to work hard and achieve great things.